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last nite i was on a college trip, set of 4:15, get back 1:00, i was getting on great with madi, we had a laugh, like u do on the coach, then she started prying at things which i didnt want to tell her, anyway after the show we had a couple of drinks,i was a bit drunk, i hadnt eaten all day, but on the way back she kept prying, so i told her if she didnt pry now, id tell her a secret when we got off the bus and back to college, and i did, and now things are so fucked up, i told her i fancied her to her face, and i just dont know what her reaction was, seemed rilly shocked though, and here was me thinking shed worked it out ages ago, then a few minutes later i walked away and went home, and now i feel like shit, an honest shit, but still shit
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